my friend sam

It was my junior year of college (2009) when I first met Sam Baldwin. I was a resident assistant at OSU and she was a terrified freshman on her first day of college. I cheerily greeted Sam and her mom and Sam looked petrified! I ended up chatting with her mom as we moved her in and I knew I wanted to be her friend even then. Over that year and many years to come, Sam and I became close friends. Her family is amazing and hilarious. Of course I was honored when she asked me to photograph her senior photos all these years later seeing as how it was commemorating her exit from college when I was there at the beginning! I am lucky and honored to have made a friend like Sam. She is kind-hearted, cares about the environment, and her unique style and beauty was so much fun to photograph. I watched her transform from a scared freshman into a confidant and radiant woman. I love you sam!

she made it easy.

lovely girl

sam loves cats.