Kelley and Russ

 Kelley D'Agrosa has been a dear friend to me since we were about 16. We've known each other since 4th grade at Peterson Elementary school in Scappoose Oregon. Kelley is absolutely one-of-a kind in the greatest sense of the word. We became better friends in Sophomore year math class in which Kelley basically did my homework for me without actually doing it (math was never my strong suite ha). On top of that, Kelley is the toughest girl I know. She definitely played a part in toughening me up. She was the big brother I never had (seriously). Over the years we stayed in touch throughout college due to my ridiculous social butterfly tendencies and Kelley's consistent loyalty and charm. Once you're friends with Kelley, you're friends for life. I remember being very concerned and worried when she told me she decided to become a cop. I am grateful she's no longer doing that, but the best part of the experience for Kelley being a police officer as meeting Russ! They are totally perfect for each other and I wish them nothing bu happiness for the rest of their lives. I absolutely love being a wedding photographer because I get to take photos of beautiful people, inside and out, on one of the greatest days of their lives. Hope you like the photos friends!

 i love everything about this photo.

the reception started rainy, but gave way to some beautiful sunshine! 

 last supper parody. Kelley has the greatest sense of humor ever.


Great lookin family! 

Russ played a voicemail from Kelley over the mic that said "Russ Jewell, I love you and one day I'm going to marry you!" Russ had saved that voicemail ad played it everyday since he got it. 

And fun was had by all! Love you guys.