Karen and Isabel at the Gorge

This was one of my most fun photo shoots I've had in a long time! I met these two lovely gals through a mutual friend named Lauren, with whom I worked at the Barometer in Corvallis. Karen and Isabel run their own gardening and landscaping business and act as teachers for outdoor gardening! How cool. They also volunteer for Search and Rescue here in good ol' OR and are no stranger to trudging around in the woods for a good time. We obviously jumped at the chance to hike into a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. Can't wait for the wedding in June! You better believe it's gonna be in the woods.


clearly I thought this was hilarious: http://whenobamaendorsed.tumblr.com/ 

Recommended music:
alabama shakes: boys and girls
jack white: blunderbus
m. ward: a wasteland companion