spring update

*I'd like to preface this message with an acknowledgment that I know it is ridiculously long. I don't expect many people to read it besides close friends, but it has some great info in it anyways! especially if you are interested in taking some pictures with me soon, or ordering some prints of your own.*

Life in Ashland is busy as ever. I am still a full time graduate student in a counseling program and taking photos as a creative and stress-relieving outlet. School is very busy, as well is my job working for the Res-Life department here at Southern Oregon! I consider myself lucky to have met the coolest people down here and gone on many adventures! (Crater Lake, Redwoods, local hiking etc.)

As my fan page continues to climb (almost 800 people!) I just wanted to send out my most sincerest thanks to you all. I am the luckiest guy in the world to be doing what I'm doing and can't wait for more big changes happening in the next year or two. The long term plan is to get a job as a mental health counselor on a college campus somewhere here in Oregon. This will allow me to have the summers off to pursue my adventurous traveling and really focus on my photography business.

Speaking of business, my business cards should be arriving in the mail any day now! I plan on mailing some out to all former clients and whoever else wants them! let me know if you'd be interested. It was designed by my good friend, Jake Baez, with some finishing touches put on it by my new friend Andrew.

I have been asked to be a featured artist at a bar in ashland, which I am incredibly exited about! I am pursuing other opportunities as well to get more exposure, meet with more photo clients, and do more fun work.

Seems like my website just keeps getting better and better! Many thanks again to my friend Zach Sargent for helping me get that project off the ground. My website has many cool links to other pages, including portfolios of my meticulously chosen best work. This work serves as an example of some photo shoot options available to anyone who is interested. check it out at


The website is set up so clients can order prints as well. I get alot of questions about how much prints cost so here's the rundown:

4x6: $6.00
5x7: $15.00
8x12: $30.00
12x24(poster sized): $50.00

They can be ordered through my website & I'll include this information in the "info section" on my fan page and also on my website. I'll work out some price schemes for other photo shoot options like wedding and senior pictures soon and post them soon as well. Prices are always negotiable and do not ever hesitate to ask!

Some really fun recent projects have been started as well. I found my grandfathers old Graflex 200 camera a while back and finally got some 120 film for it. The scanned in prints can be seen in my photos section. Shooting on film is very rewarding and challenging! I have loved getting to know this awesome piece of family history. There are pictures of my mom and her sisters taken as babies with the same camera hidden deep in old photo albums!

I found a great charity donate to. A good friend of mine told me her sister is adopting a child from ethiopia. I wanted to help out with children somehow because all too often, children become marginalized and have less control over thier lives as adutls. This is unfortunate and why I have chosen to give back to this deserving population. From now on a portion of my photo sales will go towards this adaption fund until it happens and then I'll find a new one. Here's the info:


If you've made it though this way-too-long-update, the last bit is the coolest part! I just wanted to say that an offer still stands I made a while back. For any friends willing to "suggest" that their facebook friends become a fan of my page can get themselves any one of my 5x7 photos printed and mailed to them by yours truly. I would greatly appreciate it. All you have to do is click the link that says "suggest to friends" on my page under the profile picture, tell me what your print of choice is, message me your address and viola! that's it. The offer will always be on the table!

For my increasing group of friends in Ashland, please do not hesitate to inquire about photo shoots that we can do together in the beautiful Rogue valley. If you're interested and you don't live in Southern Oregon, we can still schedule something on the calendar! Just call or email anytime. I go up and down I-5 way too much for other reasons and the more photo shoot the better. I hope everyone is happy, healthy, and productive. Don't be a stranger.

With Love Always,