Sept 6, 2009
Phoenix, AZ-Los Angeles, CA
Miles: 396.8

Josiah, Nate & I woke up at 5 and took Nate to the airport! We were sad, but it’s ok because we’ll se him again in Portland. The drive was fairly uneventful and desert-like. Josiah was commissioned as the Executive Officer In Charge of Joint Systems Interdepartmental Operations Command. This meant Navigation, Music Control, Photography, Driver Warnings, etc. Josiah and I got a chance to catch up and talk about life.

Went immediately to the airport and picked up the darling Rachel Eirich! She worked at camp with us too.

After that we headed to Santa Monica Pier to meet, Brenna, Val, Tara, and Sam on the pier! I can’t believe how crazy people drive in Southern California! Holy crap it’s nuts. I ran a red light in front of four cops on motorcycles and they just kept driving. I finally found a parking space and we had our mini-camp reunion. Josiah, Sam and I swam in the Pacific. As of then I swam in the, Pacific, Atlantic, Mississippi, and the gulf of Mexico. (all in one summer)

we raced. i won.

We went for lunch, then headed to Malibu for the sunset. The sunset was amazing and we really enjoyed sitting on the beach, catching up, talking about camp and making plans.

i love my brenna.

Sadly enough, we then drove Tara to the airport to go home to Australia. Rachel wasn’t feeling well so she slept like a baby in my car. After the second airport run, we went to Val’s house and just crashed – we were beat.

Luke, Rachel, & Josiah