Day Two: LA BABY!

Sept 7, 2009
Los Angeles, CA

We slept in a bit, then woke and got ready for some LA fun. The only thing I knew I really had to see was the ‘figure 8’ wall on Sunset Blvd. It is the location where Elliott Smith had his photo taken by Autumn De Wilde for his album of the same name.

I was really excited to sign the wall. Elliott Smith was a tremendous musician who wasn’t appreciated until he was dead. So tragic.

Anyways we went to the observatory where we could see the whole city out to the ocean. Apparently celebrities jog here all the time.

Val drove us through Hollywood and we saw all the cool stars on the pavement and huge houses and famous buildings. We passed LA Ink too! I hope Kat Von D was in there because she’s hot.

Anyways the coolest part of the day was visiting the La Brea Tar pits. It is a place in Urban LA where fossils of hundreds of dinosaurs and other animals were found in the tar. I also noticed it was the film location of a video that Jake and I love a lot by a comedy group called Honor Student. We checked out some cool outside sculptures and art outside the museum and that was super cool.

Had the best food ever at in and out burger. It was so crowded that Josiah said “In and out my ass!” needless to say, we all laughed at him. The burger was super good, then we went back to Val’s and hung out with Brenna before going to sleepy sleep.

Luke, Rachel, & Josiah