Day 14: Sedona, AZ-Phoenix, AZ

September 5, 2009
Day 14: Sedona, AZ-Phoenix, AZ

Nate left after we had a breakfast in town to go meet his friend Tara. Emily and I took Meadow on a super awesome hike through a Sedona Canyon.

Left for Phoenix and drove though the pouring rain. Had a great time at Emily’s girlfriends, family’s house. We picked up Josiah before we went! We did some laundry, and cleaned up after about a week of camping. Went to Sushi in town and got ice cream. Josiah had his first dairy queen experience. We went back home and swan in the awesome pool. This leg of the journey s now over because tomorrow Josiah and I take Nate to the airport and head to LA!

Luke, Nate, & Josiah

Nate’s final words of his journey:
This has been an incredible journey. A journey too many people don’t take and thanks to a friend like Luke I was able to enjoy.
Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to let us stay and spoil us with showers, washer/dryers, food, drinks, hospitality and most importantly friendship. Thank you (In chronological order) Gayle, William, Mindy, Jeff, Kelly, Emma, Becca, Maya (hope that’s spelled right), Monroe, Emily, Alleah, Meadow, Tara, and Josiah. You were all awesome and the trip wouldn’t have been as great without you.
Thank you, Ashley and Ben, I know I didn’t see you on the trip but you guys are more important to me then you may ever know. I love you.

Most importantly:
Thank you so much, Luke, for being my oldest friend and still encouraging me to be the best person I can be. To travel and not let trivial things stop me from that. It’s because of you I will continue to travel and make friends everywhere. To repay you, I promise to inspire someone in the way you inspire me. Thank you so much. Here’s to many more adventures. I love you. Friends!!!!

The most important thing this trip has taught me:
I was watching a Michael Franti concert and he was telling a story that he heard. A lady was telling him about a time she met a country legend (who I can’t remember the name of). He said “If you ever see a turtle on a fencepost, it didn’t get there by itself.” What he meant is, no one got to where they are, by themselves. Thank you to all my new and old friends who got me to where I am. I’ve always considered myself to be lucky, but now I really know it. I love you all!

Love, Nate