States: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona.

Miles Luke and Nate traveled from NC to AZ: 3228.4
Luke since OR: 7728.6

Gas and camping: 543.54
Divided by two: 271.77

Charlotte, North Carolina: Kristi Lanning
Columbia, South Carolina: Gayle Harris
Savannah, Georgia: Skidaway Island State Park Camp Ground
Birmingham, Alabama: Mindy Lipsitz
Pascagula, Mississippi: Jeff, Kelley, and Emma
New Orleans, Louisiana: Becca Parker
Houston, Texas: Monroe Moore
Junction, Texas: green blue river
Carlsbad Cavern Highway: A Farmers cow field
Holbrook, Arizona: KOA Campground
Grand Canyon National Park: Mathers Campground
Sedona, Arizona: Cave Springs Campground
Phoenix, AZ: Emily, Alleah, Kevin, Wendy, Tyler, & Meadow

Times Pulled Over: 1
Tickets: 0

I’m in my underwear (southern accent) –guy outside Anna’s bedroom window.

Hey Anna nice bullet hole -Luke (about the bullet hole in her window)

You’re looking a little shady –William about Brantley holding a lamp

Hey Luke Let’s watch Free Willy in every state –Nate

I went to a bisexual high school -William
You mean co-ed? -Luke
Yeah –William

This place is southern as Shit! –Nate

I love watching the climate change –Nate
I can’t believe you love global climate change you’re such an asshole –Luke

I’m too hungry to blog –nate

(outside Roswell, NM)
What is that smell? -Luke
Alien poop dick –Nate

That guy was straight Muggin’ Luke

The Grand Canyon is so big! I’ll bet you could almost fit a football field inside it. -Nate