Day Three: Columbia & Charleston, South Carolina-Savannah, Georgia

August 25, 2009
Columbia & Charleston, South Carolina-Savannah, Georgia
Miles: 219.6

We woke up and left for Charleston! The drive was really pretty because we finally got to see some Spanish moss hanging from the huge old oak trees! The drive wasn’t that bad and we got to Charleston and parked and walked around. The city was really cool> The people in the south are so nice! We ate at an awesome restaurant called “Jestines” The waitress was really southern and we had fried Okra, fried green tomatoes, and a shrimp sandwich and Nate had a meatloaf sandwich. I’m hungry just thinking about it! By far the most southern food we’ve had so far. At the end of the meal our waitress said “Now what kind of pie you want?” thought it was funny. We left and drove over a huge and awesome bridge in the rain.

The drive from Charleston to Savannah has been one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. There were really southern looking houses. Some old and huge, some dilapidated and being taken over by nature. As Nate put it, “This place is southern as Shit!” we drove down some random gravel road just to see where it lead. Nate immediately pulled over because there was a turtle sunning him or herself in the road! We played with the turtle, named it Billy and loved the sights and sounds of the south. The cicadas are really loud. Admired some huge trees and Nate really wanted to see an alligator in a swamp so we went swamp hunting. The only thing we found in the swamp was a butt-load of mosquitoes. We are both pretty much covered in mosquito bites from there. Arrived at Skidaway Island state park just outside savannah, Nate and I set up camp and ate hot dogs and failed at lighting a fire. Had a great night I was so happy to be there. Had many conversations about life and love and how lucky we are to be alive. Ya know the usual ☺

Amount of dead armadillos we’ve seen on the side of the road: 3

Nate just decided that the turtle we found should have been named “Stacy” not “Billy” I agreed because it’s a better name for a turtle.
Love Luke

Nate throws in his two cents:

So far this trip has been awesome. I felt like I’ve done so much and it hasn’t even been two full days. Regardless of popular belief the south is incredible. It has great wildlife and so much history. Luke explained what we have done so there is no need for me to bore you with the details again. But, if the south were a girl, Luke and I made sweet passionate love to it. I can’t wait for more adventures. –Love Nate