Day Two: Charlotte, North Carolina-Columbia, South Carolina

August 24, 2009
Charlotte, North Carolina-Columbia, South Carolina
Miles: 107.5 miles

I woke up at 5:45 and watched the sunrise as I drove to the airport to pick up my best friend! I waited with excitement by the security gait. Nate came strolling up and yelled “FRIENDS!” there was a manly embrace, and many smiles. We had breakfast at my new favorite restaurant called Panera. Afterwards, we walked around Charlotte for a while and caught up on life. Saw some sweet fountains, parks, and buildings. Nate and I discussed how we had ridiculous nicknames for people in high school like “narwhol” and “meathooks”

We were anxious to get on the road so we did. Nate fell asleep in the car like a little baby. I guess he was jetlagged or something lame like that. Whatever. We arrived at Columbia around 1 or 2. We drove through town and ended up at the townhouses where my friend Gayle lived. Gayle and I met in Antarctica! Before Gayle got home, we found some cool woods behind her place. The trees are all covered in ivy or something that suffocates them. Gayle got home and showed us around columbia, we got Mexican food and it was delicious. While Gayle was in class ante and I wandered around and found the south Carolina state house. The house still has a confederate flag flying in front of it. I guess it is a big controversy because the flag represents different things to different people. Some see it as southern pride but some people see it still as a symbol of slavery and racism. Gayle’s friend Owen said that as a country and a state, he thinks it should be taken down to move forward and progress. We went to the swimming pool and it felt really nice to swim. I kneed Nate in the face because he startled me underwater. I totally did it on purpose but played it off like an accident pphhhhh. Had some amazing and cheap pizza at a place called the village idiot and Gayle and I talked about Antarctica and what it was like to be an RA hah

Went home and Nate fell asleep sitting up in his chair at about 9:45pm…why am I friends with such a loser? I made him a bed and we slept like babies.

baby sleep nate

People in South Carolina have no idea what there is to do in South Carolina. They told us to go to North Carolina, Georgia, or show us the place in USC campus called the clapping circle, where you clap while standing on some bricks and it echoes….in all seriousness, we’re having a great time!
-Love Luke

Nate types with excitement:
We’re only one day in and Luke and I have already done so much. We went to South Carolina State building. It was really cool. It made me realize that I have never been to the Oregon State building. The best part about it was in the front they had a confederate flag. I guess it’s always caused a lot of controversy and it used to be on top of the building so it was a big deal to have it moved down from there. So naturally, we got our pictures taken in front of it. You just don’t see that kind of stuff in Oregon. We were talking about it and some girl turned around and asked us “Where y’all from?!” We must have been asked that like 8 times. Southern hospitality is real. As Luke mentioned they had a hard time telling us things to do, but they seemed completely concerned and really wanted us to enjoy ourselves while we’re here. The best part about the day was when we went swimming. I was exhausted from the heat and humidity and walking around so it was really nice. Luke kneed me in the face and everything! You know, the usual stuff you do when you go swimming..! I look like Sylvester Stallone at the end of Rocky. This morning we had grits for breakfast, another tasty treat. Thank you so much, Gayle, for letting us stay with you and taking up your time and living room! We deeply appreciate it! We are on are way to Charleston to go camping and soak up some real South Carolina history. We’ll let you know how that goes!! Love you all..!

Love- Nate!!!!