Day Four: Savannah-Atlanta, Georgia-Birmingham, Alabama

August 26, 2009
Savannah-Atlanta, Georgia-Birmingham, Alabama
Miles: 396

Woke up this morning not feeling so hot. Ughhh that’s all there is to say about that. Nate and I went to take showers and I was greeted by the biggest freaking spider I have ever seen (not in a zoo) The thing was seriously a monster. I tried to shoo it away but Nate was scared it would go to his shower. It had to die. When I squished it with a paper towel a ton of baby spiders started crawling off it’s back. I usually don’t like killing spiders but this thing had it coming. It was really gross because when I crunched it there was an audible “crunch” noise. Sick. Anyway we packed up camp and drove out to the coast so Nate could see the Atlantic ocean for the first time. I’ve seen it more times than I can remember but it’s not a big deal or anything. We were on Tybee island and we decided we needed to swim in the ocean because it was so warm. The nice temperature of the ocean helped our hangovers a little bit and Nate lost his sunglasses when a wave knocked him over. What an idiot.


We drove back to Savannah and got some awesome subway to eat for lunch. I asked the subway workers what fun things there were to do in Savannah. They all said “Nothing” or “Move somewhere else” haha I guess the locals don’t like it much. (The subway employees anyways) we had our lunch in a nice park and then went on a quest to see where Forest Gump sat on the bench in the movie. We found the park but not the bench because it had been moved. Oh well.

On our way from Savannah to Birmingham, we decided to stop in Atlanta and do a driving tour. I think I’ve been there times on flight layovers I wanted to see more of the city. The highlight of our drive was meeting the first non-friendly southerner we’ve encountered. It went like this:

I yelled at some guy on the sidewalk. He was wearing a suit and tie:
Luke: ”Excuse me sir?”
Suit man: “Yeah” (southern accent)
Luke: “Do people in Atlanta ever call it Hot-lanta?”
Suit man: (Gives dirty look) “Yeah-up”

We clearly wasted his precious time

It wasn’t what he said, but more the way he said it. We crazy, laid-back Oregon Hippies obviously wasted his precious time on his way to some important business meeting.

Made it to Birmingham Alabama around 8ish, Or couchsurfer just told us ot go into her house even though she was teaching yoga. We let ourselves in and we were waiting for someone to freak out because they thought we were breaking and entering. Great house great girl. She is in med school and donates money to orphans in Africa! Nate and I wandered around and saw some parks. We ended up at a neat bar called “the garage” they had old automobile garages outside in this porch thing with tons of random crap in them. We got pretty Chris Tuckered out and went back to Mindy’s and crashed on the floor.

I gotta say thought that probably about 10 or 11 people worldwide told me not to stay in Alabama and the feared for mine and nate’s safety. Could not have had a more pleasant experience! Sure we were in a nicer city farther away form the south where the devastation of Katrina caused more poverty than already existed, but Nate and both still think that the south in general has a bit of a bad name. I have never seen such friendly people and the natural environment is just as beautiful as some places in Oregon. It’s just different and unique. We love the south and anyone who badmouths the south to us will get an earful!
Love Luke

Nate enthusiastically exuberates his opinion:

It’s been another awesome day. I got to see the Atlantic for the first time. The water was a perfect temperature. It was so awesome just hanging out in the water. I lost my glasses. It’s okay, though. I’d have just given them to the Atlantic if it would have just asked but it decided to them by force. What a jerk. Then, we went to Savannah. It is an absolutely beautiful city despite what the locals thought. We at least got to see the park where Forrest Gumps bench should have been. It was really nice other than Luke crying about his hangover all day. “Oh Nate, I have to puke!” *sob sob* Who cares, Luke?! I got my own problems! We drove through though Atlanta. Also, a very gorgeous city, but unfortunately we just passed through. We’re on our way to couchsurf with someone in Birmingham, Alabama. Stoked about that. Also, we got a good picture of a truck with a confederate vanity plate on the front and a semi-truck with a confederate grill on it. It was hilariously awesome. –Love Nate

Roadkill Armadillo Count- 5