Day Five: Birmingham, Alabama-Florida-Pascagoula, Mississippi.

August 27, 2009
Birmingham, Alabama-Florida-Pascagoula, Mississippi.
Miles: 296.6

Woke up pretty early and showered. Mindy left for school so we made like a baby and headed out. On the road for a while now. The highlight of today’s driving was that we just stopped at a rest stop in Greeneville, Alabama and cooked hotdogs on the tiny grill. One word: awesome. We even had crackers, apples, and a cold beverage. Now it’s time to figure out what the heck we’re going to do the rest of the trip.

Drove through the hugest rain storm that Nate had ever seen (I’ve seen bigger) We went straight down to the Florida panhandle on our way to Pensacola (Nate calls it Pepsi-cola?) The rain was so bad that we turned westward bound for Alabama then into Mississippi. We were staying with Jeff and Kelly, who are friends from camp Canadensis. Nate and I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, which by the way is a terrible idea. (kinda dirty) ON the plus side, we saw tons of hermit crabs and the fish were jumping like lunatics. Not long after, Kelly called me and met us at the park. We followed her to Jeff’s mom’s house to meet their daughter Emma Grace! I have never met such an awesome baby. Emma is always smiling, not afraid of strangers, and has a really great personality. She’s so funny! I think she gets it from Jeff. Jeff came home and we drove to their house and had pizza. Not long after, we packed up and went to Jeff’s tennis tournament. Nate and I both suck at tennis but Nate sucks more because I took a term of tennis lessons at school. Hung out there with Jeff and Kelly’s friends and watched tennis. It was cool to be around so many friendly southerners. We came home, watched the office and Nate and I planned the rest of our trip until about 1 or 2 am*.

Anyways we slept like babies .

Nate says with conviction:
Luke’s an idiot. I’m way better at tennis than he’ll ever be able to comprehend. Had another great day though.

Roadkill Armadillo Count- 5

*side note. Planning our trip for the rest of the way back was a huge pain in the butt because we had to miss some things we wanted to see and people to visit. Mostly because we had to get to the grand canyon to go camping in time for Nate to get to the airport to Seattle for a concert he’s playing at. It’s both of our faults for not communicating better back in June when we were planning the whole trip. I’ll be dropping Nate off in Phoenix and hopefully picking up two more friends and driving home with them!

Love Luke & Nate