Day 13: Sedona

September 4, 2009
Day 13: Sedona
Miles: hiked no driving yay!

Hiked around Sedona again after taking care of some business-phone stuff. I booked a wedding to photograph next summer (yay!) Went back to camp and waited patiently for Emily to come.

She came and it was so awesome to see her and catch up with such a great old friend. Emil had her dog with her named Meadow! She was a cool dog. We hiked to a nice part of the creek and jumped off a cliff into the freezing water. Went back to camp, made hotdogs, and had a fire. Spent the night drinking around the fire and watching Meadow steal Nate’s seat right out from under him.

Nate has run out of ways to introduce his part of the blog:
Sedona is f-ing beautiful. Had an awesome hike, and for the first time on our adventure, Luke and I just relaxed and read some books. Emily showed up in the afternoon and it was awesome to meet her and Meadow. She is one of my new best friends. We all shared the tent and I spooned with Meadow. Nice.