Day 12: Grand Canyon, AZ-Sedona, AZ

September 3, 2009
Grand Canyon, AZ-Sedona, AZ
Miles: 114.1

We woke up pretty early and went to the rim of the grand canyon to take the best photo of all time…..

Story time!!!!

Nate just got pulled over while driving my car for the second time in one year. Jeez what an idiot. Once when we were driving from Arcata, CA to Portland, OR, Nate got pulled over for speeding and following too close in a rain storm. Just this morning a nice cop pulled us over for following too close! I really need to stop letting this guy drive my car. In all seriousness, Nate’s a good driver. The best part of the story is that both times the cop asked Nate if we had anything illegal in the car because we seemed so nervous. Nate tends to over-explain himself because we obviously are good guys and not cocaine smugglers with machine guns in the trunk.

Anyways we got to Cave Springs campground, set up camp, and headed into Sedona. It is one of the coolest cities we have seen so far. The red rocks are on every horizon. We checked out Red Rocks State Park and hiked the Eagle Crest trail. (We have been hiking machines) It was very hot so we bought food and headed back to camp. We decided we wanted to check out Slide Rock tomorrow because it had the best-looking rock formations we passed so far.

Nate is reading Harry Potter 5 and I cleaned a lot of junk out of my car. Great day and it hasn’t rained yet (fingers crossed)

Nate says like an idiot:
I got pulled over by probably the nicest cop in the world, saw Sedona, and chilled out. Good day.