Day 11: Grand Canyon, AZ

September 2 (Nate’s Birthday!!!)
Grand Canyon Hike!!
Miles: 12 (on foot)

We woke up at 5am very excited for the day’s adventure that lay ahead. I gave Nate his birthday present which was a dinosaur t-shirt.

Background story:

Nate and I became friends in kindergarten. One of the first conversations that we ever had was in reference to a knitted sweater that my granny gave me. It had a knitted triceratops on it and Nate was super jealous. He told me he liked my sweater and we became friends after that. Nate went home and whined to his mother that he wanted a dino sweater as well. Nate’s mom bought him one so we could be dino-sweater-matching friends. He still did not think his was as good as mine but needless to day, Nate’s intense jealousy for my awesome sweater was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Let’s fast-forward 14 years:

5am. September 2nd, 2009: It’s Nate’s 23rd birthday. Our original dino-sweaters are long lost, donated, and for sure, much too small for our now manly muscular frames. We woke up at 5 and the first thing I did was wish Nate a happy birthday and give him his new dino t-shirt. It’s black and white with a velociraptor-looking dino on it. I had bought one for myself so we could match (Mine’s a triceratops of course) and we set off for our adventure!

The sky was just beginning to creep up over the canyon walls as we set out. We made it down to the bottom by about 8 or nine and had a break in the Indian Campground. There was a nice stream and trees for shade. Along the way we encountered many fellow travelers from all over the world. We went another 1. Miles out to a plateau overlooking the Colorado river. It was absolutely breathtaking. The power of that place is overwhelming. Hiked back up and made it out by 1pm. We were both so tired! We went back to camp and showered. I fell asleep from 3-6 and totally knocked out. Woke up just in time to go get dinner at the lodge for Nate’s birthday!

Still went to sleep pretty early because we had been awake so long and there wasn’t much going on around the camps.

Nate thinks people care what he has to say:
I had one of the most amazing birthdays. Luke got me an awesome shirt. We hiked 12 miles and talked to some nice people. Luke took me to a birthday dinner and gave me a birthday shirt. It was another great day.

Luke & Nate