Day 10: Holbrook, AZ-Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

September 2, 2009
Holbrook, AZ-Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
miles: 181.3

The trend of getting up before sunrise started this day. I woke up refreshed before the sun rose and checked out the pink, orange, and red sky. Nate and I were pleasantly surprised to find really nice showers and a all-you-can-eat-pancake breakfast for $2.00 (TWO DOLLARS) which included coffee. We at next to a 2 million year old piece of petrified wood. Both of us were so so so excited to get to grand canyon that we jumped right onto the road.

Drove less than two hours to arrive at the grand Canyon! We got a campsite reservation at Mathers Campground and walked less than a mile to the rim. As with the Carlsbad caverns and numerous other sights along the way, I find it literally impossible to describe what we have seen in words. Bottom line: The grand canyon is huge and you should see it for yourself.

Nate and I spent the day walking the rim trail, which goes along the rim (duh) and planning an epic hike the next day. We wanted to hike into the canyon and spend the night but you have to book it months in advance and get permits and stuff. We’ll jus do that for spring break with Ben Powers. We got some food and were both feeling pretty lazy. Since we were planning on getting up before dawn we went to sleep early. I’m embarrassed to say we fell asleep in our tent at 8:30 pm. Seriously how cool are we?

Nate’s birthday is tomorrow! It’s the first birthday we’ve spent together since high school because I was always in Corvallis. Slept like a log.

Good breakfast, good drive, good campsite, good grand canyon, good day.

Luke & Nate