Day Two: Manhattan

August 13, 2009
Manhattan All Day
Miles: many on foot

Anna, Darea and I went to Starbucks for breakfast while Niall went for a run through central park. We eventually ended up in Times Square meeting up with a bazillion camp counselor friends and a few campers as well! We planned on spending the day walking around Manhattan as a big group. The rule was that you had to be at least 17 to make decisions about where we were going. Went to the M&M store then wandered around central park until we found the Strawberry Fields area and took pictures by the Imagine sign.

We walked and walked with some on and off rain drizzles and tried to eat at a place called Serendipity but the wait was two hours. I decided to park my ass on the street and eat one of those hotdogs and salted pretzels off a cart while everyone else went for starbucks. Best meal of the day hands down and it was like 4 dollars to boot. Sweet deal if you ask me. Anna and myself decided to go wander around the Metropolitan Museum of art. I told Anna I thought that sculptures in the olden days must have had a difficult time containing their laughter when sculpting nude men out of marble. How could you not giggle a little bit if you’re were chiseling away at a pair of testicles?! Come on people that’s funny.

After more hours of walking up and down the island of Manhattan we met up with Avi Dobkin and went to dinner at Planet Hollywood with about 28 other camp people. After running around the night life like a bunch of chickens with no heads, Caitie, Darea, Anna, Chelsea, Steve and myself all went to the empire state building and took photos from the top. On the elevator Chelsea blinked three times in a row in every single picture I took of the group. We gave up and made fun of her.

Walked more miles to a bar called Blockheads where everybody else was. Had many nice conversations with friends from camp and people started to dissipate. Anna and Darea went back to the hotel and a bunch of us guys still wanted to go to more bars. After having a quick wingman convention with Niall, McMagic, Eric, Dean, Jeff, Scrivoney, Adam and Dean’s friend Effe, we headed out. Lindsay was there too. After looking around for a few times we all realized that we had spent most of the evening in a gay bar. Some were oblivious, but nobody cared. It was a while lot of v-neck shirts, skinny jeans, perfect hair and teeth and masculine love in the air.

Some guy propositioned me in the bathroom and I told him to go forth and reproduce with himself and I left promptly. Anything goes in NY I guess.

I stumbled to the subway with Niall after more teary goodbyes and plans to meet in the future. Niall figured out that the subway does not run at 2 in the morning and that we needed to take a cab home. If he hadn’t noticed some small print on a sign I probably would have sat there all night.

Probably the best part about the night was the realization that I actually like New York City. It just took me a long time to decide. I weighed many pros and cons including, but not limited to: poverty, money, asshole people who just walk and stare with blank looks on their faces, the power of the American industrialized city, alcohol, my friends, the subway, efficiency, and food. The bottom line is that I like New York and we for one night of the summer, we owned the city night life.

Niall & I stumbled to the subway after more teary goodbyes and plans to meet in the future. Realized the subway was not coming and took a cab. Probably would have sat there all night if he hadn’t found the fine print. Haha. Best night in NY ever. Love, Luke