Day Three: Manhattan-Worcester

August 14th, 2009
Manhattan-Worcester, MA
Miles:169.8 miles

Woke up early to Anna bringing us breakfast in bed! Slight headache from the previous night but it was worth every minute.

We left for the bus station and managed to get to the Falcor and on the road before too long. Unfortunately, we went all the way back to New Jersey to be stuck in traffic for a long time. The day was mostly filled with driving and spacing out. Darea and I were very sad to be away from friends and kids at camp. Drove most of the day. Stopped and had some great hotdogs at a service plaza. Made it to Worchester (pronounced “wuh-ster”) around dinner time.

We were greeted by Darea’s mom Dianne, her friend Peggy, and Anthony. I have never met nicer people. Very nice hosts. Cooked us a big dinner of ribs, chicken, sausage, potatoes, and wine. After dinner, we sat and chatted about camp and told funny camp stories about walkie-talkies and strange doctors.

I slept like a baby on the fold out couch.

Note to self: Darea did not like the nickname “drizzle” will work on more tomorrow. -Love, Luke