After Camp! Day One: Henryville, PA-Manhattan, NY

August 12, 2009
Henryville, PA to Manhattan, NY
Miles: 92 miles

I woke up in my tent pitched between B12 and B11. Good night the prior evening at the ghost, I’m pretty confident that I had a heart to heart conversation with all of the counselors in my division and reflected on the summer and talked about the good times and future meet ups throughout the year.

Middle camp!

Packed some final things into Falcor and said many teary goodbyes as the bus pulled away from camp with many of our best friends in it. Shortly after, Darea, Niall and I all pulled out of camp Lindenmere as well blasting “forever” by Chris Brown. A slight problem was Darea’s missing credit card, but it was soon recovered, along with 15 others that were left behind the night before.

Finally on the road and parked my car at Newark Airport and took the bus to Port Authority in Manhattan. Walked a few blocks and caught a cab the rest of the way to our hostel on the upper west side next to central park called “Jazz on the City” It was a very jazzy place. Met up with Anna, Caitlin, and Dom who were all staying with us!

Walked to Barnes and Nobel, bought some gifts for people and stood in line for tickets to a musical. After getting the tickets, we had lunch at an Amish Deli and I ate a raw avocado and a nice sandwich. Walked back to the Julliard Theatre and I saw my first musical! It was called South Pacific and I enjoyed it very much. I’d go to another show again for sure! After the show Anna and I walked to Veronica’s apartment and got Anna’s bags and headed home and promptly went to sleep. Had trouble sleeping with the weird guy in our hostel shining his flashlight in our eyes and making strange noises in his bed. Oh well that’s the traveler’s life right? –Love, Luke