Day Five: Worcester-Salem

August 16, 2009
Worcester-Salem, MA
Miles: 68.7 miles

Peggy and Anthony packed us a great lunch of sandwiches, potato salad, beer, water, pie, and silverware! Nicest people we’ve encountered. They were so hospitable. The drive to Salem was not that long and on the way we passed a sign that said “Dinosaur State Park” I got really excited and made Anna Google it to see what fun things were there. No camping so it was a deal-breaker.

When Luke says he was excited to see a sign that said “Dinosaur State Park” that is probably the biggest understatement ever, he was like a fat kid in a candy store or Luke in Oregon. His seatbelt held him in place but there was a good possibility he was going to jump out of the car at the sight of the word Dinosaur on a road sign. To be fair to him that is a rarity. Bless him I think the 8yr old Luke in him wanted the state park to have actual Dinosaurs in it, if not life size replicas. It makes me sad that we will not discover that place of wonders on this trip. Darea x.

Got to Salem on the hottest afternoon of the summer Marissa’s house was fantastic and really nice. It was tall and skinny with three floors. We set off for the city and Marissa played tour guide. We saw where the scene in Hocus Pocus was filmed at a tree with benches around it in a playground. We saw the Salem Harbor, bought some postcards, checked out downtown, then went to a place called The Willows. There was a Jazz festival happening and we ate ice cream and shopped around this Saturday market-type place. Met some cool artists including an oil painter and a photographer. We walked and walked back to Marissa’s house. On the way we stopped for Thai food and visited the most fantastical bookstore I’ve ever seen it was covered wall to wall with books. Completely filled! This tiny old man who ran the place said all books were half price. Once we returned to Marissa’s we were all too tired to go out and hit the night life. We caught up on emails, and letters, made more travel plans and went to bed. Nice evening in the witch hunting capital of the world!

–Love, Luke