Day Four: Worcester & Boston

August 15, 2009
Worchester-Boston-Worcester, MA
Miles: 101.6 round trip

Later start and had a nice breakfast Dianne cooked for us. Darea’s mom drove us to Boston for lunch at Anthony’s seafood restaurant on Pier 4. On the way we ad many phone calls.

Phone calls today: we all talked to Darea’s mom
Luke texted his Dad about the trip and dad told him to call so I did. Dianne called me a liar.

Luke talked to Lauren, Darea’s sister She thinks I’m really American
Anna talked to Luke’s mom Lise about the future life plans (what else is new)
Anna talked to her momma about ballet shoes

At the restaurant, I have never eaten so much on my life. Still full form the dinner before we had a huge platter of seafood including mussels, clams, oysters, crab and many sauces. (bread on the side) The entre I had was shrimp scampi which was very rich but delicious. SO MUCH FOOD. I managed to hide a grin when Diane ordered a gin and tonic (one of my favorite drinks) Famous people eat at Anthony’s restaurant and put the photos up on the wall. It’s kind of a big deal.

Drove back and decided that laundry was becoming a dire situation. We all went to the local laundry-mat and Darea did her laundry and Anna did mine. The reason for this is because I have been trying to find a place to wash, and vacuum my car and get the oil changed. Unfortunately for me, I’m a huge doofus and I got on the huge interstate highway, paid a toll, and got lost. When I asked the girl at the toll how to get back, she looked at me and said “That’s where you just came from!” I said, “I KNOW RIGHT?!” She kindly told me how to get back and I figured it out. Turns out, there was a car wash and a Jiffy Lube about a block away from the laundry place….but in the other direction. I vacuumed my car and decided to come back for oil change in the morning. There is no reason to wash the outside of my car because it’s just going to get dirty anyways. I also like the fact that there are dead bugs stuck to my car from 15 different states (so far). Holler.

We came home and I re-packed the car, vacuumed, chatted with Anthony and got ready for sleep. Good day of organizing

Anna is ridiculously good at navigating and not getting lost like me. I however am good at driving and being told where to go. Darea is really good at putting on her makeup and reading a book a camper gave her.
–Love, Luke