Day 6: Salem, MA-Connecticut-New York-New Jersey-Allentown, PA

August 17, 2009
Salem, MA-Allentown, PA
Miles: 326.2 miles
Music: “All the Pretty Girls” –Fun., “I’ve Got Friends” –Manchester Orchestra, Old Crow Medicine Show

Woke up relatively early and hit the road after a quick stop at the post office and goodbye to Marissa. We were basically on the road again all day and stuck in traffic through New York of course. I was running out of gas, had to pee, was sick of driving and wanted food. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. We eventually pulled over and took care off all those issues and Anna finished the drive to the Senderowitz Home in Allentown. They lived in a fantastic hose in a nice neighborhood. Their basement was filled with old arcade games like pinball, pacman, skee-ball and baseball. Rissa texted me and asked if we’d seen the basement. I said, “You mean canteen on steroids?” Because that was pretty much what it was like. Marlee showed us the rest of the house then her father, Donald, took us all for ice cream! Darea and Marlee got ice cream cones bigger than their faces of course. Wish we could have spent more time there it seemed like a very interesting town! Went back to their house and watched a Bat Mitzvah video and looked through photo albums. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends in all the right place.