Day 7: Allentown, PA-Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Beach, Virginia

August 18, 2009
Allentown, PA-Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Miles: 317.6 miles
Music: Fun., Manchester Orchestra, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Beatles

Woke up and had bagels on the porch. It is ridiculously hot out today and it has been very hot every day since we left camp. Said goodbye to the Senderowitz family and before leaving took dome pictures and videos with massive white and red flowers growing in front of their home. Biggest flower I’ve ever seen. Now we’re just in the car driving south! Today I hope to surf in the ocean again. The car was filed with this song and it is stuck in our heads: “All the Pretty Girls” –Fun.

We’ have passed about 125 churches so far and a building called “church stores.” Also Anna said there is a church in North Carolina where people are Baptized in hot tubs. Welcome to the South.

Long time driving until we got to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Bridge which is really long and pretty. We stopped to take pictures and played Hoppipolla, Darea’s favorite Sigur Ros song.

We got to Virginia Beach around 6:30 and we were greeted by Lauren and her mom in their amazing house on the bay. It was huge and gloriously decorated. We dropped our stuff of and Lauren took us to where her brother Brian and her friend Allison work at a burrito place called Muchismo’s. Had some massive burritos, then went to another friend’s house named Amanda. We waited a while, then drove downtown to the strip near the ocean. We had a drink and Darea told us about her adventures in Africa. After listening to some bands, getting ice cream, we decided it would be more fun to sit on the dock at Lauren’s house. The city lights in the distance provided some evening glow and many friends sat and discussed plans of going to Canada and stuff like that.

The floor we slept on was upstairs in a big room and it was the softest carpet I have ever slept on. Good sleep.