Day 8: Virginia Beach, Virginia-Greensboro, North Carolina-Boone, North Carolina

August 19, 2009
Virginia Beach, Virginia-Boone, North Carolina
Miles: 370 miles
Music: Ben Kweller, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Avett Brothers

Woke up to watch the sunrise, but it was not out. The sky was grey and just got lighter and lighter with no colors. We woke up again at 8 and Lauren took us to a restaurant called “The Jewish Mother” where they had a special called 3.33 where you got two eggs and style, two pancakes, and bacon….all for $3.33!!! Sweet deal. I was especially happy because I rode to the restaurant in Lauren’s friend Chris’ convertible...which later got towed for being parked in a dry cleaner spot. After a good breakfast, some friends left for Montreal to go to a rave or something.

Lauren and Allison took us to the beach and we went swimming and laid in the hot hot sun. Lauren managed to get us a few kayaks to paddle around in for free! We accidently paddled too far out past where anyone could see us from shore so Lauren came out and said that there were dolphins near the shore. We paddled back and sure enough, dolphins started swimming right next to us in groups of three or four! We saw babies and groups of them came within a couple feet from our kayaks! It was definitely an unforgettable experience. The coolest part about it was jumping off the kayaks and going underwater. When I did that, I heard the unmistakable clicks and high pitched whistles of the dolphins making noises under water! Got pretty sunburned through the whole thing so we paddled back to give Allison and Amanda a turn on the Kayaks. I’d like to note that Darea managed to give herself the most ridiculous color bone sunburn/soon to be tan line I’ve ever seen. It’s like she put a smattering of sunscreen on her chest with no regard as to how to rub it in properly. Oh how I love this girl. I on the other hand am just sunburned all over, even though I put on Allison’s SPF 70 (allegedly it was not waterproof) Anyways It is pouring down rain now so we have no worries about any kind of sunburns.

Lauren gave us a ride back to her house and we said our goodbyes after a shower and re-packing.

On the road again! We got very lost more than once on confusing highways that wanted us to go the wrong direction. Once we were on a long straight road it was very nice and pretty. Very green all along the southern part of Virginia, and the we passed into North Carolina and Anna and played our favorite Avett Brothers and OCMS songs about North Carolina! Very pretty place.

This whole trip I have been giving any car the thumbs up if I see that they have the same car as me. (Ford Taurus) Anyways, it hasn’t been reciprocated yet unfortunately. I guess not all Ford Taurus owners are as cool as me. I was, however, lucky enough to pass by another car with Oregon plates. Thumbs up out the window and of course what happens? It gets returned. This goes to show you the friendliness of Oregonians in and out of state. ☺ Made my car riding experience complete.

On the way to dinner with Anna’s Grandmother “Mackie”

Ok so being an English gal, meeting someone who quite genuinely says ‘y’all’ has been one of the highlights of this trip for me. Mackie is simply adorable and seeing Anna interact with her was a beautiful sight to see. She is evidently a funny albeit tiny lady who felt the need to be somewhat reserved on account of the two strangers in her manicured little home, but her humor came out in no time.(I would just like it noted that I resent the way I have to spell humor, it should have a u in it but an angry red line appears when I write it like that, so when in Rome…) especially cute ‘Mackie Moments to note are her joke about if she doesn’t read her name in the obituary list then she will go out and the hilarious quip she made to Anna; ‘I thought about it before you, I just didn’t shout it out’. The lady is pure gold and it was a pleasure to meet her. The evidence for this was the fact that the moment we got back in the car, grinning from ear to ear, Luke and I rang our respective grandparents. Being the cool kids that we are one of the biggest laughs if the day came from Luke telling another ‘funny story’ about Gramma Judy and her ‘sex in the car’ story. On our way to Boone now, up some mountains in the rain but we are in good hands with Anna driving. Who I have consequently decided to call Florence Nightingale with regards to the fact that she carries a pharmacy in her purse. Thinking of shortening it to Flo? Hopefully she will be more accepting of it than I was to Drizzle. Darea x.

Note: Anna told me that the ‘site to see’ on our drive to Boone is the world’s only double storey Wendy’s. Not going to lie it is no giant ball of yarn, or an obnoxiously large Confederate flag (either of which would be truly exciting and I’m still crossing my fingers for) but hey a double storey Wendy’s? I’m prepared to be excited, after all I am just a impressionable tourist. Oh and Anna killed a bird, the weapon was Luke’s car and the location was the high-way, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Darea x.

First impressions of Anna’s town and home: very green, winding roads and some pretty stars. I’m excited for tomorrow. Darea x