Day 4: Chicago, IL to Manhattan, NY

June 16, 2009
Miles: 792.5 miles 12 hours 45 minutes
Music: Avett Brothers, Passion Pit, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, Band of Horses, Circa Survive, Keane

Turns out that KTK’s blogs are way more entertaining than mine so I’m leaving it up to her write most of it (obviously) In New York, I will drop the girls off in Manhattan, and continue to my beloved summer camp in Pennsylvania for the summer. There I will work until August 11th with my awesome camp friends. After camp, the road trip journey continues with my trip back to Oregon through the South. I’m sure I’ll have at least a couple people in the car with me so stay tuned for that!

Woke up this morning around 6, and left Chicago. Katy and Katie literally slept through the entire state of Indiana and a chunk of Ohio. Whenever I’d stop for gas or coffee, they just kept on sleeping away like crazy! Tired little friends. I was feeling very energized and excited to be alive and awake. Form 5am all the way till about 1 or 2, I drove many miles and listened to music, and made some phone calls because I had no conversation companions that were awake! Oh well I guess they are both total wimps who can’t handle a little sleepiness. Anyways, a successful days with no disasters! (besides getting lost)
Love, Luke

Just woke up….was kinda pissed about it. Luke was saying we looked like “haggard hot messes”. I gave him a muggin’ mean look and then he said “BITCH PAAHHLEEAAASE”. I then made a conscious decision not to talk to him the rest of the trip. Still really tired, but my mood was instantly reversed when Katy looked at me and said “Is this when we steal all their shit?” LOL. Katy has been filled with all those one liners all trip and has made me a Luke crack up. And then we stole all of Jason and his roommate’s shit. Including all of Jason’s hand-made stuff. They were really high quality.

11:45 am
OMG. Me and Katy basically woke up. We slept through the entire state of Indiana, and are now in Ohio. Luke has been driving the entire time….I think he took some crack-cocaine. He has been so hyper. He says it’s because he’s excited to get to camp, but me and Katy know better. He’s been an avid drug user, he told us himself. Oh, and Luke was right, me and Katy do look like haggard hot messes. We haven’t showered, and it’s obvious. Luke had been really lonely with us not being awake for like, 5 hours, and said that he’s been talking to a lot of people on the phone. We felt kinda bad, until we remembered that he deleted all the videos from yesterday and went right back to hating him. Just kidding….but seriously. We woke up to Luke zooming into an Ohio-an rest stop which are called “service plazas”. THESE REST AREAS ARE SOOOOOO NICE!! Ohio, who knew? It was like an airport mall….there were restaurants, gas, and really nice restrooms. Me and Katy hadn’t eaten, so we loaded up on some nasty but amazing fast food. After we got all our food, Luke went to open his Dr.Pepper….and not thinking before doing, opened it all crazy like and it exploded everywhere. I mean, it hit Katy in the back seat, all over himself and the steering wheel. Nice. He had to baby wipe everything down.

Mother Mavin’s Meathloaf we have been in traffic like crazy today! We are lucky because it’s the first real traffic we’ve seen so far on this trip so booyah to that. We are in the middle of Pennsylvania and are about three hours away from New York. Me and Katy will part from Luke then, which is unfortunate. I mean, I definitely won’t miss his stinking ass, but well miss him enough… I won’t have a computer to “adventure document”, but I plan on actually writing it down in a journal and throw it back to 1995. Me and Katy will have the video camera too and we will attempt to make memorable clips all while making it entertaining and hilarious. –KTK

10pm Pshhhhh my flatulent wind compare not to Katie’s farts. They have been bustin outta there like a squirrel being chased by a dog. The only thing worse than her farts is how crappy of a driver she is. Just kidding. But seriously. Learn to drive. Seriously though today we got lost for about an hour in Ohio. It was my fault, not Katie’s. (surprisingly) That was a fun side note adventure that only happened the one time. I called my friend Nate’s vet in Portland for him and made an appointment for his dog Gatsby...from Ohio. Nate’s phone wasn’t making outgoing calls so he emailed me and asked me to call the vets! She thought it was strange when I explained it, but whatevs. What are friends for right?

11:57 pm
Well I made it. I finally got to Camp! I dropped Katy and Katie off at their hostel in Harlem, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods around. I know they’ll be OK though. I could not have asked for two better friends to drive across the country with. I love you both and I’ll see you in September! I fel like we were honestly laughing most of the time. We all decided that it was the perfect amount of time to spend together without actually getting on each other’s nerves. Said our goodbyes and thus ends the celebration of mine and Katie’s celebration of graduating college together. I wish you both the best of luck in Manhattan and Washington DC. Travel safe, be well, speak often, and know that I love you.

I got lost in Manhattan trying to find some friends to meet up with and ended up in Brooklyn. Oops. The strangest thing occurred to me that I want to remember. All this time people have been asking me how I could stand being in the car that long. I didn’t think it would be that bad and it wasn’t! especially with cool people and good music (A LOT OF GOOD MUSIC) Anyways, I was sitting in traffic getting frustrated with the slowness of the cars while I was getting on the Brooklyn bridge. Once I managed to get out of the city, things learned up and I felt free again. I actually missed the feeling of being on the open road. I think I have caught the traveling bug long ago, but this trip has intensified it. I want to live in Chicago and visit Wyoming again before grad school starts. Many good things are happening!

The intensity of this documenting will subside slightly now that I’m at camp. I’ll try to update and write an entry at least once a week, if not more. The reason being that I am at camp and don’t have the down time like I did in the car. It’s important to remember the past, even though it’s dead. It helps make decisions for the future, even though it doesn’t exist yet. J I will post the writings from Katie and Katie in NY once, they get them to me in Pennsylvania including photos and videos from their trip! The stories are not over, just spit into two parts.

I guess you could think of it as a “choose your own adventure” story, or make a decision about what door or curtain you think the prize is behind. ;)

I Flew back to camp as fast as I could on I-80 and arrived to an empty nightscape exactly how I remember it. The sound of the gravel, crickets, creaking screen doors, and wind in the trees is exactly how I left it.

I left one home and arrived at another.

It’s like I never left.
Love, Luke

trip overview thus far:
States: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York.

Miles Luke, Katy, and Katie traveled from OR-NY: 3054.3

It was the Pennies –Luke
Is this when we steal all their shit? –Katy
It’s the Kum and Go! –KTK
Fo’ free? –Katy
That’s what she said –All
Balls! –All
I need a belt! –KTK
I know what to do, I’ll drink more water –Luke
Sleep tight, hope you don’t get crabs –Katy
They can totally tell we’re from Oregon –Katy
Derpa der der! –KTK and Luke
Seriously, we’re still on I-80? –All
Shit! We’re getting back on I-80! –All
Fuck you Ohio! And you too Nebraska! –Luke
You’d be peeing in someone’s front yard… -Katy
Did you delete…ALL the videos? –KTK
Are there any cops out here? –ALL (about lack of cops)
Fuck semi trucks. –Luke
Guys! We have to tune into 1640AM! –KTK
Seriously, what is the deal with Jon and Kate plus 8? –Luke

Katie, don’t tell your mom you’re staying in Harlem ok? –Luke
Sure I’ll tell her…when I’m DEAD! -Katie