Day 3: Junesburg, CO-Omaha, NE-Chicago, IL

June 15, 2009
Junesburg-Omaha: 359.7 5 hours
Omaha-Chicago: 467.2 miles 7 hours 18 minutes
Music: Cloud Cult, Coheed and Cambria, Muse, Mates of State, Explosions in the Sky, Sufjan Stevens (duh)

Something about the Midwest honey
Oh it makes me miss you more than life
Could be the trees that stand alone in the fields
They remind me every couple of miles
I'd love to stop our lives, stop everything
Just so we could move far away
We'll live alone together with the sweat of the summer
With the chill of the cold winter air, oh yeah
-The Format

Woke up around 6am and hit the road. Beautiful foggy sunrise. With crazy Midwestern trees standing alone in a field. Got a whole new meaning to the song “Janet” by the Format. The lines are above. We have along drive ahead of us if we are to make it to Chicago by dinner!

I am incredibly proud of ourselves because we made it all the way to Omaha, Nebraska before stopping at a McDonalds. Good for us and our healthy diets! My granny packed us a cooler full of tasty treats that as kept us going for a while. Tried to contact some couchsurfers in Chicago, but so far, no luck. Might have to stay at a hostel tonight, which might be fun! Love, Luke

Chicago here we come! Katy totally busted out some driving this morning. I was impressed. We have been in the car a “shit-ton” according to Luke. Oh man, we have all had the worse gas. Sorry, it had to be said, because it was that bad. It is totally seeping in the upholstery. Sorry Falcor. We got a hold of a guy on CouchSurfing and are planning on staying with him in Chicago! So excited. He’s also a mega babe and in a band. I decided to put on makeup for him because I was looking like a serious scrub (I love TLC).

So, we have just finished our adventure of Chicago with Justin, I mean Jason! Oh man, I kept calling him Justin and felt really bad. When we first arrived to his apartment, it was a little awkward, but we warmed up to each other pretty well. Such a nice apartment! Really impressed. He took us first to see Lake Michigan which was only 4 blocks away from where he lived. So pretty! And so clear! Surprising. There were also a ton of people around. We went on a massive walk around downtown Chicago and saw so much! We went to Millennium Park to see some sculptures and The Famous Bean! The one from Mork and Mindy! Luke got some sweet pictures, but then we were ran out of the park by like, 4 guards. Apparently it’s closed at midnight. Go figure.

We then went to go get some of Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza, but everywhere was closed. So we decided to get some of Chicago’s famous hotdogs at a place called Picadillo’s. AWESOME. I enjoyed it. We seriously went all over Chicago, Justin….I mean Jason was awesome for giving us a tour. He also knew so much about everything! He told us about the architecture of the buildings (The Sears Tower and The Hancock Tower and The Drake Hotel….), told us the real reason why Chicago is called the “Windy City” (really about corrupt politicians during prohibition blowing “hot air”) and lots of other fun facts.

Our favorite part was going to the “bad part of town”. There was blood on the street people, real crazy stuff. Not just a little blood, like nose bleed shit….we’re talking a lot of blood. Plus this part of town was where The Dark Knight was filmed!!!!!! SO COOL! Jason showed us where the crazy semi-truck scene was. The street he also lived on was shut down for the movie. He also said Jake Gyllenhaal had a time share in one of the apartments on his street. I love Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyway, we got really tired and decided to go back on the “L” to Jason’s apartment. This is when shit hit the fan. Luke was going through all our videos we recorded for the day (which was probably a good 10 videos) and DELETED THEM ALL. I hated him so much right then. Katy still hasn’t forgiven him….honestly, I’m not sure if I’m over it yet. We are making him do an apology video. We had the coolest videos from Chicago! Whatevs....-KTK

Katy is really allergic to dogs, cats, and generally everything. Right when we got there, Jason said, “Oh sorry we should have cleaned up more.” There was dog and cat hair layered on every piece of furniture. Obviously, this didn’t bother me at all, but sent Katy into a rage of coughing and sneezing. Poor thing. Our couchsurf hosts had a dog named Boggart. These are the names that Katie accidently called him: Gadget, Go-gurt, Bilbo, and Gizmo….lol. She also thought Jason’s name was Justin THE WHOLE TIME!

Chicago ahs been the highlight of the trip for all of us I think. Lake Michigan is so clear, the architecture is stunning, and we met some nice folks.
We stayed up pretty late talking and joking around. We played a really fun game we like to call boobie tassles. Sounds ridiculous I know, but we earned it from our boss, so trust me, it’s legit The object is to say “boobie tassles” out loud while other people are talking but they can’t notice that you said it. Give it a try! Anyways fell asleep around 2 or 3am and I planned on getting us up and outta there by six. Obviously my sleeping schedule has been a little off… sleep well Chicago. You’re probably one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to.
Love, Luke