Kendall & Dan: Coastal Celebration/Trash the Dress!

Kendal & I go waaaay back! We were classmates in elementary school together! We shared the same 5th grade class and our teacher was Mr. Sharp (more on him later). Kendall and Dan met while in the military. Kendall and Dan are all-american, hard-working, bomb-diffusers. That's right, they locate, and deactivate roadside bombs for the military. I am so excited to be sharing these photos. I jumped at the opportunity to photograph the special day of such good people. Dan and Kendall were married in Kansas a few months back  This day's event consisted  of a celebratory party at Kendall's family beach house in Bandon, OR, followed by my first "trash-the dress" session. Enjoy!

The photo on the left is Kendall and Mr. Sharp! He was our 5th grade teacher (now enjoying retirement). It was such an incredible surprise running into him and catching up. I remember very fondly that Mr. Sharp always taught and advocated for his students to work hard an be respectful. Good teachers are invaluable and I am grateful for his dedication of shaping young minds :)

I could not ask for a better time than spending the weekend with good people in a beautiful place. Jumping in the ocean with Kendall and Dan was definitely the highlight. I wish you both all the best in your life together!