Ben and Bev

Ben and Bev are truly one of a kind. They never stop laughing and I am honored to call them friends. I've known Ben since kindergarten or first grade! We've ran around Portland, Scappoose, and elsewhere for years now and Bev is the perfect addition to my rag-tag group of fun-loving friends. She's not afraid to pull any punches and has impeccable comedic timing. Ben and Bev met when Ben was a working and living in Hawaii. The two were seeking friends to play music together with and the rest is history. Ben and Bev are both talented musicians making them the perfect pair. Ben is in the band I Digress. Bev releases music here! The two of them even create music together! They are totally awesome people and we had a great time wandering around the Burlingame neighborhood and heading down to the troll bridge park (Marshall park).

prom much?

Iam so excited to photograph these two's wedding in August in Portland!