I leave for Antarctica in 11 days. Before that deadline comes rushing at me, have to write a research project and prepare a presentation on the Wandering Albatross and it's migration techniques, study for three finals, and write a 7-10 page paper about films I've watched all term about Indigenous People in the media. I am overwhelmed, excited, nervous, but most of all excited.
Anna got me a great book a bout photography in Antarctica and I'll put some pictures in here. I hope more than anything that I can come home with anything half as good as these images. I will not have internet in Antarctica, but I will in Argentina. I'll be sure to write an update before and after I make the woyage across the Drake passage to the largest continent on earth, the highest, dryest desert on the planet. A plce that holds most of the world's fresh water trapped in glaciers. A place with no indigenous people and the visiters are devoted to peaceful scientific study determening the affects of global climate change on our planet. I have never been more ready for this adventure.

All My Love,

Photos by Sebastian Copeland