story for you: One of my dearest friends Karen, is in Thailand right now teaching English in a school. She was able to vote, even so far away. When Obama said "To our fellow countries in palaces and castles...blah blah something something...and to those of you huddled around radios in the forgotten shadows of the world"..I lost it. I thought of my friend Karen so far away from home but still following the election. Last night I felt like not only was a whole country celebrating one huge achievement, but the whole world as well. I have many friends in England who stayed up all night to hear the results at 4 or 5 am their time, They are just as excited as we are because our countries actions affects the rest of the world. Karen said that people in Thailand came up to her on the street, recognized she was an American, and cheered and praised her for Obama's big win. The world celebrates.

Today is indeed a good day.