Cascadia Band Photoshoot: Port Angeles, Washington

My good friends Katie and Aaron Cowan invited Naomi and I up to Port Angeles, Washington. We had wanted to visit since they moved up there within the last year. Aaron is one of the most talented musicians I've ever heard! Music is like a second (or first) language to him. He gives lessons to people in his communities and fronts his band Cascadia with bandmates in and around the Seattle area. This is their website here: I highly recommend giving their music a listen if you're checking out these photos. The photos we took together will be used for promotion, posters, website etc. Thanks again for the opportunity friends! Anyone interested in music photography or live band performance shoots, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Rachel and Alex Wedding

I was fortunate enough to meet Rachel and Alex through a couple of dear friends named Laurel and Ethan in Portland. I feel so incredible grateful every time I take some time to write one of these blogs. Being able to be a photographer has allowed me to meet some seriously amazing people, travel, and do what I love for a job. Wow. Rachel and Alex's wedding was no exception. Their friends and family were incredibly kind, exciting, and hard working. The level of coordination, logistics, and cooperation this wedding involved was truly spectacular. It was so cool to see everyone pitching in, doing their part and celebrating the love of these two in style. They really blew the doors off this one. Congrats again you two and thank you for the opportunity.

To see complete photo gallery, please go to this link:

the password is rachelalex2016LWP

Caitie and Pete's ALASKAN Wedding

Man, oh man. Where to begin. It all started in 2008. I met a cool chick named Caitie Milligan at my summer home away from home called Camp Lindenmere. Caitie was an adventure course instructor while I was the camp photographer (imagine that). Caitie and I became friends and stayed in touch (relatively) well over the years. At the time all I really knew about her was that she was a badass outdoorswoman from Delta Junction, Alaska. I also knew she was a woman of integrity, extremely kind, and loved her small town upbringing (something we have in common). Fast forward to 2014. Caitie moved to Portland around the same time that I was moving to South Dakota! She took her dog Gunner to my folks' house for some river swimming int he heat of the summer. Somewhere along the way I got to meet Pete and we had a night out in Portland. Pete is a great guy and I'm so glad to have been able to spend a little time all together before we parted ways. Pete and Caitie grew up together, but had only begun dating about 5 years back. 

When Caitie asked me to be her wedding photographer in ALASKA, I was pretty much bound and determined to make it happen. My partner Naomi and I were able to take 6 days and make a trip out of it. Alaska is not for wimps. It is absolutely the wild frontier of America. The people who live there are hard-working, community oriented, and love where they're from. Caitie's friends and family welcomed us with open arms and we made some lifelong memories and friends. I usually let the pictures do the talking, so without further adieu, here are Caitie and Pete's Alaska wedding photos!

Ayran & Sydney get (got) married!

My friend and old coworker Ayran asked me to document a wonderful courthouse wedding and romp around Portland. It was pouring down rain most of the day, but we still had a great time! This shoot was apart of an elaborate secret wedding/April fools joke! Ayran and Sydney got married in secret and had a big surprise for their loved ones! Here are the pictures from our rainy day in Portland. I had such a blast with these two. Ayran and Sydney are hilarious and the day was really fun and low key. Definitely my kind of people.