Caitie and Pete's ALASKAN Wedding

Man, oh man. Where to begin. It all started in 2008. I met a cool chick named Caitie Milligan at my summer home away from home called Camp Lindenmere. Caitie was an adventure course instructor while I was the camp photographer (imagine that). Caitie and I became friends and stayed in touch (relatively) well over the years. At the time all I really knew about her was that she was a badass outdoorswoman from Delta Junction, Alaska. I also knew she was a woman of integrity, extremely kind, and loved her small town upbringing (something we have in common). Fast forward to 2014. Caitie moved to Portland around the same time that I was moving to South Dakota! She took her dog Gunner to my folks' house for some river swimming int he heat of the summer. Somewhere along the way I got to meet Pete and we had a night out in Portland. Pete is a great guy and I'm so glad to have been able to spend a little time all together before we parted ways. Pete and Caitie grew up together, but had only begun dating about 5 years back. 

When Caitie asked me to be her wedding photographer in ALASKA, I was pretty much bound and determined to make it happen. My partner Naomi and I were able to take 6 days and make a trip out of it. Alaska is not for wimps. It is absolutely the wild frontier of America. The people who live there are hard-working, community oriented, and love where they're from. Caitie's friends and family welcomed us with open arms and we made some lifelong memories and friends. I usually let the pictures do the talking, so without further adieu, here are Caitie and Pete's Alaska wedding photos!