Sarah and Mason Wedding

It was high time for my second official South Dakota, mid-western wedding!!! YAHOOO! Sarah found my humble advertisement on craigslist of all places! As with many other experiences, I have found Rapid CIty to have a small-town, everybody-knows-everybody, friendly-neighbors kind of place. It turned out that Sarah actually shared a place of part-time employment as my girlfriend Naomi at an Italian restaurant!

Sarah's brother Nehemiah Larimer tragically passed away earlier this year in a traffic accident. Nehemiah had attended Stevens High school where I work as well. A wonderful and active young man he was. He touched so many lives with his kind heart and warm smile. Although he was missed, his presence was felt by everyone there. I am so incredibly grateful to have had this experience here in the Black Hills. We had a beautiful day, a wonderful ceremony, and it went off without a hitch! Thanks a million for this opportunity Sarah and Mason