Megan and Kyle's Rose City Comicon Wedding

What a weekend! I feel so incredibly fortunate to have the life I do. I met Megan and Kyle through an old college friend Lauren Dillard. Lauren had previously recommended my photo work to some other folks and I am grateful for her believing in me and my work! Megan and Kyle had previously said that they would not get married to each other until it was legal for all people to do so. The story was picked up by the Huffington Post and here is a link to the article. As an active LGBT ally myself for many years, Lauren connected us and thought it would be a good fit! Megan and Kyle were to be married at the 2015 Portland Rose City Comicon.

It was such a unique experience to be in the environment. People went all out and there were some incredible costumes. Overall the best part about the day was how kind and welcoming people were. There's something really special about the culture of people passionate about this kind of art. Here's is a link to an online gallery which includes all of the photos. Here are some of the best pics throughout the day!