another musician woodland photo shoot.

Whenever I write these things, I usually end up describing how I met the people in the photos. So here's Craig. When I met Craig, he was a writer for the Barometer in Corvallis, where we had both worked at. We did not meet until Craig wrote something about a band in the paper (ok so it might have been panic! at the disco), and I felt compeled to write my very first (and only) "letter to the editor."This newspaper is where I learned how to use a big fancy camera and take cool pictures. Others came before me such as the exceptionally talented, Andrew Burton, Katy Weaver, and Peter Chee, all of whom I have pestered with questions at some point.

Anyways back to Craig. We became and remained friends through numerous fun experiences, mutual friends, and perhaps most memorable, a ridiculous spring break trip involving heavy downpours on the beach after a healthy game of "wizards staff (look it up)." Oh we've also gone to like nine manchester orchestra concerts together (ok two). Anyways the times we get to hang out are too far between, which is why I was excited to be apart of his album release photo shoot. This was a different direction and a unique challenge Craig asked of me, and I hope it turns out exactly how he wanted it to be. Here ya go buddy.

As you can see, there's lots of mud goin' on.

Even though Craig was going for a more serious look, he can just deal with the fact that this picture is  cute.

This is actually a Baggins, of Bag End, in the Shire.

I told Craig that the reason I loved photography is because I can still get excited about it. I got excited about this picture.

This is literally down the road from my house.

My favorite by far.

I looked down, then back up again, and Craig was in the water.

Definitely a nice way to spend an afternoon. On our walk, we talked about the importance of mixing up the routine, and not doing things the same way all the time.  ok bye.