Valerie & Gus on Sauvie Island

Val and Gus

I pride myself on being from a small town. Always have, always will.  Living and moving from Scappoose, to Corvallis, to Ashland, to Portland with many travel opportunities along the way, has only strengthened my love for a small town community. The hussle and bussle of Portland is great and all, but I'm finding myself yearning for country roads and farmlands. There's just nothing better than spending a warm summer evening like the one's we've been having with friends and family. That is why I am HONORED to have spent the whole day and evening with Valerie, Gus, and their friends and family out on Sauvie Island for their wedding! My friend Megan got us in touch and I feel very honored to have met such great, down-to-earth, fun loving people. It was one to remember what with the paper lanterns, rows of fresh grown produce, and the sound of the boats on the river. Congratulations my friends I had a wonderful time with you and I wish you nothing but the best. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story..

morning beverages! 




first look


Val and Gus holding their respective parent's wedding day photos! LOVE IT! 

generations of married women and val's side 

dear friend Megan who referred me to Val and Gus 


friends toast

 amazing venue

great night everyone!

Love Always,

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'negotiations' by the Helio Sequence
'boxer' by The National
'coexist' by the xx