Day 7: New Orleans, Louisiana-Houston Texas

August 29
New Orleans, Louisiana-Houston Texas
Miles: 366.4

We drove pretty much all morning and arrived in Texas at in the early afternoon at Roe’s. We sat and chatted for a bit and got settle into his awesome house in the outskirts of Houston. Shortly after we got on our finest clothes (Jeans and collared shirts) and headed out for a killer night on the town. First stop was cool Mexican restaurant were Roe’s friends met us there. Jodie and Melina were their names. We went to a comedy club next and it was so cool! It was called comedy sportz or something and they did live on stage improvisational comedy with audience participation. It was kind of like “who’s line is it anyways” (that old TV show) We were in stitches and really enjoyed it. The people were so quick-witted and humorous.

After that we went to a bar for a while and Roe bought us tons of drinks all night. We went to a huge dance club later. I can’t even express in words how crazy this place was. My eyes were like dinner plates trying to take it all in. It was like 3 or 4 huge rooms all differently themed playing different music. There was tons of people looking to dance the night away and shake what their momma gave them. Roe bought us more drinks and we basically people watched the whole time. Definitely a good time. Stayed there till about two and decided to head home. In the parking lot a small Hispanic man approached us and tried to buy our shirts off our back. Literally. To het in the club you have to have a collared shirt and he did not. We all decided our shirts were worth more than the veinte dollores ($20) that he was offering. And sent him on his way. It was fun to talk to him in Spanish though. We then went back to Roes house and fell asleep watching “The astronauts wife” which seems like a crazy good movie that we never finished. Nate and I were totally blown away by Roe’s hospitality. We hope he comes to Portland so we can show him how us Oregonians party.

Nate says:
Monroe was awesome!! Thank you so much for everything. Can’t wait for you to come to Oregon..!