States: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina

Miles Anna Darea, and Luke traveled from NY to NC: 1,445.9
Luke since OR: 4,500.2

Gas Total: 157.33
Divided by three: 52.33

Henryville, Pennsylvania: Camp Lindenmere, The Ghost
Manhattan, New York: Jazz on the City
Worcester, Massachusetts: Dianne, Peggy, and Anthony
Salem, Massachusetts: Konstandt Family
Allentown, Pennsylvania: Senderowitz Family
Virginia Beach, Virginia: Perry Family
Greensboro, North Carolina: Mackey
Boone, North Carolina: Reichard Family

That’s Hogwash –Brenna (even though she’s not here)
My gums are throbbing –Doctor
What is your location? –David/Everybody at camp
I was lookin’ a hot mess –Brenna/Everybody
One hot minute –Brenna
Let’s Discuss how… -Brenna/Everybody
Seriously guys, just come to Oregon and you’d get it. –Luke
Anna google Dinosaur park. Can we camp there? –Luke