Day One: Corvallis-Salt Lake City, Utah

June 13, 2009
Miles: 854.7 miles 12 hours, 58 minutes
Music: Jimmy Eat World, Radio Head, and some crazy rap John had…

The adventure begins! Partway through the longest car ride of my life, I decided it would be important to remember this epic journey. The following words will depict my cross country journey with my two wonderful friends Katie and Katy. Here we go!!!!!!

I never really wanted to go to the graduation ceremony but I was told I’d regret it if I didn’t. I have to admit, it felt pretty good to get to be all dressed up in my graduation attire and celebrate the end of my college career at OSU with my friends and family. Seeing that diploma gave me huge sense of relief and accomplishment for all the work I had done in the last four years. Work including, hours ad hours of studying, reading, writing, and pondering. I do feel educated and grateful for my time spent in Corvallis. but enough of that crap….IT”S SUMMER TIME!!!

We left Portland soon after saying goodbye to some dear friends who will be missed!

My cousin Nick and his friend John joined us to Salt Lake because they both have GFs in Salt Lake. Car ride was long and crowded, but not too bad all in all. Made it to Salt Lake City UT about 5am the next morning. Katie was so tired that she looked down at her legs and asked “Who’s legs are those.” I am not making that up at all. Here’s the proof of Katie’s extreme exhaustion: viseo Slept at Corin’s cute little house and slept like a baby in a coma.

It was nice to hang with my cousin Nick! At a random gas station in Idaho we were clever enough to come up with this picture…. …some things really do never change I guess…

FYI: Katie K. has decided to join me in the blogging duties. I hate the word “blog” so instead I’ll use “Adventure Documentation” She’s really funny and is a good writer (fellow psychology graduate!) so now at the end of a paragraph by her it will say “-KTK”
Love, Luke

I can’t believe I’m actually on the road! This is nuts, and I’m so happy to be sharing this journey with my two of my dearest friends. It hasn’t really hit me yet that I’m a college graduate and that I probably won’t ever live in Corvallis again. I’m sad, but I’m happy to have left OSU on a good note. Now we’re off to New York! I’m thinking that I should stay there and become an actress, screw my college degree! Fame and Fortune is what I’m after. I must say, riding in a car with 5 people is a little intense…..I’m pretty sure 3 people max is best for Luke’s grandma car, but it was nice to meet Nick and John. Probably the most of the exhausted I’ve been in a while, so I’m gonna go! -KTK