Hi My name is Luke and for the next ten weeks I will have no social life. I just accepted a position for a counseling program at Southern Oregon University for the Fall! Right now all I have to do to achieve this lofty goal is graduate on time. Only problem is that I'm 19 credits shy to do so. So from now on, school will be my life. Who knows, maybe I'll get some friend time in there or something, but if I'm gonna pass, all energy needs to be school focused.

In other news, I just had the greatest spring break of all time with by best friends in the world. I love them alot.
the greatest


This is love

Stayed with Rocket in Canada!

In other news, my photography website will hopefully be up and running pretty soon. yay! The I'll make millions of dollars taking pictures for people. ok not really but I'll be happy to be a starving photographer working my way through grad school I guess.

Endless Love,