The Adventure begins!

Tomorrow morning I leave Portland airport at 11:30. From there it's a short flight to Seattle. From Seattle, I got ot Miami, Florida and I'm staying the night with a friend! I'll get to see the beach. The next day (Monday) I leave from Florida around 3 and go all the way to Buesno Aires, Argentina. I get on a bus to another airport to board my final flight to Ushuaia. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and at the Southern tip of South America. I'll be in Ushuaia for about three days seeing the sights, then I got onto a boat, to take my to the Antarctica Penninsula, crossing the Drake Passage, which has been called the most trecherous sea in the world. (Barf city here I come).

I wil write somethng everyday, but will not be able to post it because internet access is limited. Wish me luck and I hope eveybody has a merry Christmas!